wrestle10The coaching staff and EPWA board members understand wrestling is a sport many parents are not familiar with, so we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions that may offer information for further clarification:

Before and during the wrestling season, these questions often arise …

FAQ about the EPWA:

Q: Is youth wrestling just for boys?
A: No, it’s a co-ed sport!
Q: What equipment does my child need?
A: Headgear and wrestling shoes.  The EPWA provides each wrestler a singlet that must be returned at the end of the season.


Q: Where can I purchase headgear and shoes?

A:  Local sporting goods stores such as Dick’s usually carry wrestling equipment.


Q: How do I care for the East Penn Singlet?

A:  The singlet should be hand washed and hung to dry. DO NOT put the singlet in a dryer. The singlet should be washed after each meet or tournament. Singlets are expensive. The one issued to each wrestler will cost over $70 to replace, so please take good care of it. At the end of the season, the singlet will need to be returned in good shape and clean. Failure to do so will result in you being charged for the singlet.

Q: What should my child wear to practices?
A: T-shirt, shorts and wrestling shoes. Headgear is optional during practice, but highly recommended. We recommend that every child wears headgear during practice to prevent ear injuries and to get use to wearing it for matches. Headgear is mandatory during wrestling matches. Wrestling shoes should be worn on the wrestling mats ONLY! We do not want outside dirt from shoes contaminating the mats or causing any unnecessary dirt to accumulate on the mats. Street shoes are NOT allowed on the wrestling mats for the same reasons. Please change into wrestling shoes upon arriving at practice and change out of wrestling shoes before leaving practice. Singlets are worn to meets and tournaments ONLY.


Q: Where are practices held?

A: Practices are held in the old gym at the East Penn High School. Half of the gym is made into a wrestling room throughout the winter sports season.


Q: When are practices held?

A:   Practices are split up into two groups. The younger group is wrestlers in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The older group is 3rd grade through 6th grade. We try and hold two practices a week for each group. Fridays are ‘Open Gym’ practice which is optional for any wrestler interested in extra practice. Exact days of practice and schedule may vary depending on our dual meet schedule and other events already scheduled at the High School. The first day of practice will be announced and is typically towards the end of November. The season runs through the middle to end of February.

Q.  What are the difference between Dual Meets, Novice Tournaments and Open Tournaments?

A. Dual meets are when our varsity team competes against another varsity team from another school. These meets are typically held on an evening during the week and generally last two hours. Team scoring is used at dual meets.

Novice tournaments are tournaments for beginning wrestlers with no more than 2 years experience.

Open tournaments are typically for kids with more than two years experience, but anyone is allowed to enter.

In Novice and Open tournaments, your child is put in a bracket according to his/her age and weight. Novice and Open tournaments are held on the weekends. Tournaments are an individual competition is which your child can place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd for his/her bracket. Trophies or medals are earned at every Open tournament for every place winner. Awards are typically given to all wrestlers at Novice tournaments.


Q. How do you determine the varsity lineup for dual meets?

A. The coaches have the final say in the varsity lineup. There is only one varsity wrestler per weight class. When it is very close as to which wrestler should be the varsity starter, wrestle offs will be held during a practice before the scheduled meet. That means the kids wrestle a match during practice and the winner gets the spot in the varsity lineup. There is ABSOLUTELY NO coaching or cheering allowed from coaches, parents, or other teammates during a wrestle off.


Q.  Will my child have to wrestle bigger kids?

A.  No, wrestlers are matched by weight in dual meets. In tournaments, they are matched by weight AND age.


Q.   Will my child get to wrestle in real match during the dual meets if he is not in the varsity lineup?

A.   After each Varsity dual meet, we will try and match up each non-varsity wrestler with another non-varsity wrestler from the opposing team for what is considered a JV match. It will not always be guaranteed that a non-varsity wrestler will have a match after a varsity dual meet if the opposing team does not have a kid with similar weight and wrestling experience. Even if your child is not on the varsity line-up and not guaranteed a match, we strongly encourage ALL wrestlers to attend our dual meets to support our team. A beginner wrestler can learn a lot by watching the more experienced wrestlers at the dual meets.


Q. What are the weight classes for the Varsity team?

A. 45, 48, 52, 55, 59, 63, 67, 71, 74, 78, 82, 86, 90, 95, 100, 110, 120, HWT.


Q.  Are the costs of Novice and Open tournaments covered?

A.  No, parents are responsible for weekend tournament registration fees. Registration fees usually range anywhere from $12-$20 per tournament. Entering your child into these tournaments is completely OPTIONAL. However, we highly recommend you enter your child in as many as possible to gain experience. (There is no fee for our team dual meets). A Rewards Account is made available to all wrestlers to help with the costs of tournament fees.


Q.  Are there a lot of injuries in wrestling?

A.  No, wrestling is an intense physically demanding sport, but the high ratio of officials to competitors (1 for every 2) makes serious injuries extremely rare. The most common injuries are nothing more than bumps, bruises, and bloody noses.

Q.  How does the EPWA protect its wrestlers from hygiene issues?

A:  The mats in our practice room are mopped with a strong disinfectant every day. We strongly recommend that each child showers immediately after returning home from practices, meets, and tournaments to prevent skin infections (which are very rare). Laundered clothes should be worn to practices, meets, and tournaments. Fingernails should also be cut regularly throughout the season. Street shoes are not allowed on the wrestling mats, and wrestling shoes are not allowed to be worn off the wrestling mats. If a problem with hygiene is noticed by the coaches or board member, a wrestler could be asked to stay off the mats and not be able to wrestle until the issue is addressed.

Q.  Does wrestling promote aggressive, violent behavior?

A.  Absolutely not! Wrestling promotes sportsmanship, respect, work ethic, achievement and confidence. Most good wrestlers off the mat are quiet, respectful and humble.


Q.  Will my child have to lose weight?

A.  NO! However, physical and dietary health is important for all athletes. Only healthy habits will be supported and introduced in the EPWA. The decision to lose weight is that of the wrestler and their parents, NOT the coaches or the EPWA. A coach will NEVER ask a child to lose weight and NEVER encourage losing weight for the intentions of making a certain weight class.


Q.  What is expected of a East Pennsboro wrestler?

A.  Each wrestler is expected to be at every practice and match on time and work hard. Each wrestler is expected to pay attention and not be disruptive during practice or matches. If your child is continually disruptive they will be asked to leave practice or the match. We only have a few hours a week to practice and quality practice time is crucial. Wrestlers are also expected to show respect and sportsmanship at all events. The demonstration of good character, whether victory or defeat, is asked of all of our wrestlers.


Q.  What are the expectations of parents?

A.  Be supportive and positive. Positive participation in the program is beneficial to EVERYONE.

During matches: Be respectful of all officials, parents, coaches and wrestlers. Do not argue with officials or opposing parents or coaches. Do not speak negatively about team mates or opposing wrestlers.

During practice: Space in the wrestling room is limited, so if you choose to watch practice, sit quietly and let your son/daughter do his/her best. We prefer that parents, who are not on the mats helping with practice, drop their child off at the start of practice and pick them up at the end of practice. Other children, who are not participating in the wrestling program, are NOT allowed in the wrestling room at all during practice. Please keep siblings at home or outside of the wrestling room.

Q. Where does the money for my registration fee go?

A. The East Pennsboro Wrestling Association (EPWA) is a non-profit, self-supporting youth program for wrestlers in grades K-6. The EPWA is not financially supported by the East Pennsboro School District or any other organization.

Majority of the registration fee goes right back to each wrestler. Each wrestler is given a team t-shirt in the beginning of the season. At the end of the season, wrestlers receive an award and a nice gift. A large portion of the proceeds from fundraisers also goes back to the wrestler into their Fundraiser Rewards Account to help with the registration fees of open and novice tournaments.

As with all other youth sports, registration fees and fundraisers throughout the season are necessary to fund all the other costs of running the program. With the biggest expense being insurance, the program also has expenses for league memberships, uniforms, equipment, referee fees, gym rental, maintenance fees, promotional fees, concession stand items, security for tournament, tournament awards, mat tape, mat cleaner, etc, etc… For appreciation to the wrestlers and parents, the EPWA also hosts an end of the year banquet that is free for the wrestlers and their entire family.

As an additional benefit to any child wrestling in the East Pennsboro School District, the EPWA provides a minimal financial support to our JH and HS programs to assist them in expenses that are not covered by the EP Booster Club or school district. We want to ensure our elementary wrestlers move on to the JH and HS programs after the 6thgrade.

EPWA provides scholarships to East Penn High School Seniors who are pursuing a college wrestling career. Any additional money is saved towards long term expense goals such as updated uniforms, new wrestling mats, updated tournament equipment, and clinics.

Q: What can I do to help?

A:  GLAD YOU ASKED! The EPWA will be looking for volunteers throughout the season to help with dual meets held at our home school and our home tournaments. The EPWA will host a tournament every season in the main gym of the EP High School. Parents will be REQUIRED to volunteer a minimal amount of time during this tournament. Several other team activities will also require parent support. The EPWA will also have fundraisers throughout the season. It is very important to participate in these fundraisers to support the costs of running our program.